Introduction of Kitoku (Dalian) Trading Co., Ltd.

Kitoku Shinryo Co., Ltd., for a long time, has imported Chinese north-eastern rice and sold it for Japanese customers. In the meantime, the situation of Chinese domestic rice market has been rapidly and dynamically changing.

Today, Japanese companies, especially supermarkets, convenience stores and food service industry, have been extending their business to China. Our Japanese customers have made inroads into Chinese market too.

Considering this situation, in February 2011 in Dalian where there is the large distribution center of grains and trading port, Kitoku Shinryo Co., Ltd, established a joint sales company named “Kitoku (Dalian) Trading Company Ltd” with Dalian Tianyuan International Logistics Co., Ltd. which is the large logistics company in Dalian.

Kitoku Shinryo Co., Ltd. has had firm business relationship with COFCO which is the biggest food supplier in China for many years. Kitoku (Dalian) Trading Company Ltd inherits the relationship, and sells COFCO’s rice in Dalian, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chengdu and Hong Kong.

Customers of Kitoku (Dalian) Trading Company Ltd are mainly Japanese companies, and their quality requirements are demanding. However, in order to meet their requirements, we are taking measures to stably supply traceable rice with reliable quality. In order to resolve logistics problem due to the huge land area of China, we make preparations to supply fresh rice at the fastest from 16 factories located at near main cities.
Moreover, by making use of our experiences in China, we can provide various supports and coordinates for customer’s demand.

Kitoku (Dalian) Trading Company Ltd is doing business aggressively for expanding sales.