Introduction of Kitoku Thailand Ltd.

Thai Jasmine Rice

Thai Jasmine Rice

Thailand is the world biggest rice exporting country, and its annual export is between 8 – 10 million Metric Tons in recent years.

Kitoku-Shinryo Co., Ltd has been importing Thai Jasmine rice from Thailand into Japanese Market for over ten years, and contributed much in promoting Thai Food in Japan.

In order to promote the supply of rice from Thailand, Kitoku Thailand Ltd. was established in Feb.2008 in Bangkok with quality control expertise. Kitoku Thailand became the member of Thai Rice Exporters Association in 2009 and have a function to supply high quality Thai rice to customers worldwide

Kitoku Shinryo is a licensed rice importer for the Japanese Government, and imported 35,000 M/T of Thai Long Grain Rice in fiscal year of 2008

At present, Kitoku Thailand can supply ;

  • Thai Jasmine Rice
  • Thai Long Grain Milled Rice
  • Thai Long Grain Glutinous Rice
  • Thai Japonica Rice

We are confident that Kitoku Thailand's products will meet requirements of all international customers.