Food Products

Making meals better-tasting and more enjoyable

Chicken Eggs / Chicken Meat
Responding to consumers' varied needs

Based on the concept "from production to table within 24 hours," Toyo Kitoku Foods Company's chicken egg business applies a state-of-the-art sanitation control system in the stocking, packing and distribution processes, taking utmost care to ensure freshness. By developing special eggs such as "Carotene E Eggs" and using them as ingredients in products such as chawanmushi (savory egg custard) and onsen tamago (eggs boiled in natural hot springs), Toyo Kitoku is responding to consumers' increasingly diverse needs and growing health-consciousnesss.

Naigai Shokuhin Company has created the original Akane Chicken brand as part of its chicken meat business. Dedicated to producing top-quality chicken meat, the company has recently developed Tsukuba Chicken, which is raised entirely without the use of drugs. Its processed chicken meat products--including meatballs, minced meat and yakitori--have received high praise. Because of its strong commitment to safety, the company uses only chicken meat and eggs from identifiable producers, such as directly managed farms and other contract farmers.

HMR Business
Prepared foods with a focus on popular Japanese dishes

With the rapidly aging population and the growing trend toward nuclear families, there has been a sharp rise in the demand for prepared dishes that are freshly made, widely varied, and packaged in small quantities. Toyo Kitoku Foods is moving into the fast-growing field of HMR (home meal replacement), concentrating its efforts on developing new products and expanding its sales route.

Kitoku Shinryo Group--working together to develop and market new products

We draw on the strengths of the Kitoku Shinryo Group companies and enhance the benefits of inter-company synergy in planning, developing and marketing our products.