Dedicated to ensuring a steady supply of Japan's staple food

Making optimal use of economies of scale

We at Kitoku Shinryo are keenly aware of our social mission to provide a steady, stable supply of rice. Building on relationships of trust established up to the present, we are the first company to have signed medium- and long-term quantity purchase contracts with major Keizairen (economic federations of agricultural cooperatives) and unit cooperatives in the Kanto, Hokuriku, Tohoku and Hokkaido regions. We have a guaranteed system for ensuring a stable supply of the products our customers require.

Based on the principle of economies of scale, we aim to invest even more actively in facilities and equipment. In addition to operating our Hishokan (factory producing a variety of products in small quantities), we are advancing our M & A activity and expanding into business areas that make full use of internet technology.We will continue to tailor our activities to the specific needs of customers in the process of diversification.

Just-in-time supply system

Rice sales channels--from traditional rice stores to supermarkets, convenience stores and co-ops--are becoming increasingly diverse. At Kitoku Shinryo, we provide consistently high-quality products at uniform prices to a wide range of customers, including food service businesses and volume sales outlets with branches around the country. While delivering on our promise of "consistent service throughout Japan," we also develop marketing activities specific to each region--Kansai, Chugoku, Kyushu and Tohoku, as well as Kanto and Koshin'etsu. Through our "just-in-time production system," we expeditiously supply our products to customers when, where, and in the quantities required. We will further strengthen and enhance our rice factories and sales bases, in order to respond even more effectively to the needs of customers whose trust we have gained.