Overseas Operations

Expanding our rice business worldwide

Vietnam subsidiary producing long-grain and Japonica rice

Kitoku Shinryo has production bases overseas as well as in Japan. Angimex Kitoku Joint Venture Co. (now Angimex Kitoku Limited Company) was established as a joint venture between Kitoku Shinryo and a public import-export company based in An Giang province, Vietnam. In the rice-growing area of the Mekong Delta, Angimex Kitoku collects, processes and markets several types of rice including long-grain, fragrant and Japonica. The rice milling factory adjacent to the head office in Long Xuyen City, constructed through a loan from the Overseas Financial Cooperation Fund, boasts annual production of 25,000 tons, which is among the largest rice production capacities in Vietnam.

Angimex Kitoku rice is produced with care to meet the varied needs of customers, and shipped to many countries including the United States, Canada, France, Japan, and Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

An exclusive contract for U.S.-grown Akita Komachi rice

Our U.S. subsidiary, Kitoku America Inc., is located in California. Through a contract with one of California's leading rice producers, we import high-quality U.S.-grown Akita Komachi rice to Japan under the SBS (simultaneous-buy-sell) system.

Exclusive importer of top-quality fragrant rice

Kitoku Shinryo is the exclusive importer of fragrant rice produced by Chiameng Co. Ltd. of Thailand, one of the world's most highly reputed producers of fragrant rice. Enthusiastically praised by customers, including those in the food service industry, the rice has enhanced the status of Thai rice in Japan.