Livestock Feed

Helping to sustain a bountiful life

An efficient supply system contributes to the growth of the livestock industry.

Sources of animal protein are an essential part of our daily diet. And a stable feed supply plays a crucial role in supporting businesses that raise livestock for beef, pork, poultry and fish.

Kitoku Shinryo is involved in all aspects of supplying ingredients for livestock feed. In addition to providing large quantities of defatted rice bran produced in our factories' processing operations, we have established a supply route for low-cost, high-quality imported feed through a contract with a top-level farm in the United States. In order to promote a recycling-based society, we are also engaged in various activities designed to stabilize supply and lower costs, including a research program using food byproducts as well as droppings from poultry farms as raw materials in animal feed and fertilizer.